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Wedding in New York

Monica and Valerio, two simple and deeply in love people, they made a unique, particular choice: celebrating their wedding in Central Park, New York just them two and the Big Apple as background.The marriage was their dream and New York seem to them the perfect frame both for the romantic charm as for the metropolitan fascination of that place so familiar to all of us but at the same time so distant from our ways; but also the perfect place to have a moment of their own.
It was a long day but at the same time unique, unrepeatable. We had breakfast together in one of the Best Western hotel of the city. They prepared together into their hotel room and after that we took the taxi directed to Central Park. A lot of people congratulated them and accompanied them till the romantic gazebo where the ceremony was celebrated in a simple, informal but unique atmosphere.
After the ceremony we went for a stroll in Manhattan in the most important avenues of the city. Some photo shoots and a time lapse attracted the curiosity of hundreds of people that were there in that moment. Soon after that we climb up to the Top of the Rock where the view left us speechless; it was breathtaking being up there and being able to look at the entire city. We left the alone for a romantic dinner cruise on the Hudson River to meet them again at midnight at Time Square in the heart of the Big Apple.
There, in a glimpse famous all over the world, in the middle of thousands of people, we spent the last hours of the day. Working with this newlywed couple in one of the most beautiful cities in the world was such a fantastic experience that we will treasure for sure…as always! Thank you, Monica and Valerio! So long, New York!

Cinematography: Company Trailer
Photography: Flavio Bandiera Photography
Ceremony: Central Park, Manhattan- New York city
Music by Marmoset Music