“If I should describe my style, I would say it’s “fusion”, as it mixes aesthetic and emotional elements merging together three different photography styles: candid, fashion and classic.”

Flavio Bandiera
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Love Makes the World a better place

This site exists because Chateau Challain exists. A truly unique place for beauty, but above all incredible for the extraordinary people who run it and take care of it in a thousand different ways with commitment and experience. But also with a lot of love for one's work and for the satisfaction of transforming dreams and desires into reality. The château is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Loire Valley and for me spending time at Chateau Challain for photography or on holiday with my family is an opportunity to take in the wonder that surrounds us.

Chateau Challain, the French destination wedding venue of your dreams!

Discover Chateau Challain, one of the top wedding venues in France.

Discover Chateau Challain

The essence of moments that matter

Drawing inspiration from films and fashion photography, I love creating photographs that tell the story of people and their emotions, surrounded by the people they love in beautiful places. I have taken photographs on 5 continents and each new project is a new challenge that I face with enthusiasm and complicity together with those who have chosen me as the photographer to whom to entrust an important and unrepeatable event.

Discover Flavio Bandiera

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Watch these slideshows: with a click you can look at a whole story through photographs that I have personally chosen by accompanying them with musical songs suitable for the event.

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Flavio specializes in Destination Wedding Photography in Italy (Lake Como, Tuscany, Venice, Portofino, Rome, Amalfi Coast, Apulia) and worldwide. In time he covered weddings in Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and in the US but since 2011 his favorite place to shoot is definitely this unforgettable castle in the Loire: Chateau Challain.


why bestweddings.com?

For over 10 years I have been returning to the fairytale castle photographing parties of all kinds, weddings, anniversaries, giving my best to clients from all over the world who have chosen Chateau Challain as the location for their celebrations.
In my time here I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs that I wanted to have a special place, not in terms of quantity, but of images that I feel are important, either for me or for the clients to whom I then delivered them. That's why this site exists.
Because my best weddings shot here at the castle are the ones I loved the most.

Real Moments

Little moments can tell a great story.

Love is The Key

My photos wouldn't special without your love.


Timeless candid photography.